Mom Approaches Her Husky About Going On A Walk, Gets Hilariously Stubborn Backtalk

They say Huskies are stubborn dogs, and you’re about to see why! They are obviously very smart but seem to have low motivation to please their owners. They’d rather do what they want, and can you really blame them? Add in the fact that they’re also one of the most talkative breeds, and you’re in for some real temper tantrums!

What’s particularly funny about this video is the fact that most dogs would prefer going on a walk over taking a bath. In fact, a lot of dogs absolutely dread getting bathed. But not Zeus. Mom finds the dog in his favorite place and asks if he wants to go on a walk. He strongly protests. He’d rather stay here in the bathtub!

Zeus loves playing in the water and wants nothing more than for mom to turn it on! He responds to mom with some howls and backtalk and refuses to budge. But mom isn’t giving up so easily. She continues to tell Zeus to get up and out of the bathtub and that he needs to go on a walk. It takes a while, but eventually he gets out of the tub like a good boy. 🙂

Isn’t it funny how our dogs can act so much like kids at times? They can get moody and stubborn and throw some real fits. I guess that’s why some people call them furbabies! You gotta love them. Make sure to share this hilariously adorable video with your friends.