Kitten Cries Out From The Sewer Looking For His Family

Hope For Paws received some texts about a kitten who was trapped down in a storm drain crying out for his family. Some good Samaritans — Jacky, Oscar, and Ramon — tried to save the cat, but they needed help. And help was on its way!

Eldad lowered a crate down in hopes the kitten would walk into it for food. He left the drain and played the sound of crying cats on YouTube from his phone and waited. The kitten appeared, but he wasn’t interested in the food. So they blocked the exit with a net.

Oscar then lowered down headfirst and scooped up the distressed kitty! They named him Taco and took him to CARES for an examination. Kitty Bungalow then offered to foster the little one, and that’s where he’ll be cared for until he finds his forever home. 🙂