Store Opens Its Doors And Takes In Stray Dog During Heat Wave

Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada witnessed an act of kindness that would stay with him for a long time when he went to the local market in northern Mexico to buy some milk. On the very hot day with temperatures hitting 104°F, he saw a stray dog being fed and getting water from the store clerk. Then they let the dog inside.

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Adolfo continued inside and asked about the dog. They said the dog had been around the last couple of days and that they suspected he was dumped by his owner. So they provided the pup with food and water and toys from the store of which they paid for out of their own pockets.

They felt bad about the dog having to stay outside in the brutal heat, so they let him inside the store.

Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada

And the dog appeared to be very thankful for the shelter as he napped in the aisle. The dog’s very friendly to everyone, and the store workers hope that someday soon a shopper will want to adopt the dog upon seeing him.

Unable to adopt the dog himself, Adolfo got his milk and decided to buy a treat for the pup. He knows the stray will be in good hands with the store workers until the day someone decides to take him home.

How sweet!

h/t – The Dodo