Small Dog Found Lying In The Road Was Unable To Move On Her Own

Animal Aid Unlimited responded to a little angel who was so close to death. She lay unconscious, and they were worried she wouldn’t be able to come out of it. They rushed her back to the hospital to give her the best care possible.

They thoroughly checked her for fractures but didn’t find any. Her neurological response was poor, and they concluded she had suffered a serious head injury. They cleaned and dressed a small wound and gave her nourishment and fluids through an IV.

On day 3, the little girl tried eating but couldn’t really swallow. But on day 6, she was able to eat with some help! She tried walking on day 10, but it was very difficult. After 6 weeks she was still wobbly and would sometimes tumble, but she’s a perfect little angel. See Sona today! 🙂