Good Samaritan Hears Crying In The Sewer, And Rescuers Dive Right In

Hope For Paws received a text from Foxy and the Hounds saying that Good Samaritan heard crying from down inside the sewer. They set out together right away, and without proper tools, Eldad had to improvise to open the manhole.

It wasn’t long before they’d see the tiny kitten, and she was talkative. She was surely scared for her life and wasn’t sure what was going on. Then in the blink of an eye, she ran deeper into the sewer system and disappeared. Eldad and Terri had some more crawling to do.

Terri finally cornered the kitten, but the kitty then jumped over her and made a run for it. But she had nowhere to go except toward Eldad. He took off his shirt to prepare to catch her, and it worked! The sweet kitty was finally in safe hands.

Slinky was taken to the hospital where she was cleaned up and checked out. To adopt this kitty, you can contact Foxy and the Hounds! 🙂