She Lay In The Road With Her Back Legs Collapsed, Her Eyes Asking For Help

Some neighbors called Animal Aid Unlimited to report a street dog who had been hit by a car. She lay in the road motionless after her back legs had collapsed on her, and her eyes looked on asking for any help she could get. She was in so much pain and agony, so rescuers carefully got her back to the hospital as quickly as possible.

The poor dog had suffered spine trauma, and it caused her front legs to go stiff. They started her on pain meds and gave her a thorough examination trying to see if her back legs could bear any weight, but they couldn’t. Her treatment would call for a month of bed rest.

Serena was treated for pain and inflammation, and the swelling receded and her nerves healed. The rest proved to be the right call, and her “timid steps blossomed into prancing strides” as they so accurately described it! See the sweet girl today in the video below. 🙂