Dog Approaches Mom Lying On The Floor And Tries Performing CPR

Sadie is a service dog and medical alert animal for her owner, Jameson LaTour. When Mom’s anxiety spikes, the good girl is there to help bring it back down. But Sadie doesn’t want to stop there — the dog is always ready to learn a new skill or trick!

The smart dog has a growing list of abilities thanks to the training provided by her owner. And one of Sadie’s favorites is a new one she’s been working at — learning to give CPR!

Jameson LaTour

She’s not quite there with it at the moment, but it’s very close! You have to love how she enthusiastically leaps off the floor while gently landing her paws on her human. This new skill is just for fun and not taken seriously, so it’s just the fun factor that counts! 😛