Dad Sees His Dog Again After Years Apart, And He’s Covered With Pittie Kisses

Derrick Maxwell’s dog, Kodak, went missing. He searched and looked all over for a year, but then he had to move to Los Angeles. He thought he’d never see him again, but Kodak was found in Indianapolis where they scanned his microchip and connected the dots. But now to get Kodak to Los Angeles…

The ASPCA reached out to Derrick on his birthday to let him know his dog had been found. He was elated! Kodak was loaded up on a plane for a travel day, and it wouldn’t be long now. After a long flight, the dog touched down not knowing he was in for a special reunion!

Derrick walks into the room and asks, “Do you remember me?” It seems to take the dog a split second, but then Dad is covered with those pittie kisses! Back together where they both belong — how amazing! If only Kodak could talk. 🙂