Once Thought To Be Extinct, Singing Dogs Have Re-emerged In The Wild

It was thought that the Singing Dog had become extinct, but based on data and DNA collected by a field researcher, the dingo-like animal has re-emerged in the New Guinea highlands. These dogs are known for their distinct “singing” howl although lots of mystery has always surrounded the animal.

Anang Dianto/The New York Times

First seen in their native land in the 1950s, the dogs remained elusive in the wild until 2012 when a photo was taken of one in the highlands of Indonesia’s Papua province. Analysis then confirmed that these particular photographed dogs were not simply common village dogs or some of the highly inbred Singing Dogs kept in zoos or housed as exotic pets who may have escaped. They are the real deal.

So Singing Dogs are alive and well! If you’re curious as to what they sound like exactly, take a listen in the video below.

H/T – The New York Times