Nara Awaiting Her Fate At A Dog Meat Farm Shows How Quickly Life Can Change

The Humane Society of the United States showed up and raided a dog meat farm in South Korea rescuing all 200+ dogs on the site and sparing them from their dark fate. Among those dogs was a sweet girl named Nara.

Nara didn’t know anything about the world outside of her small, filthy cage, but that was all about to change. The dog was quickly transported to the U.K. to start a brand new life. Nara was so shy and nervous at first, but then — a breakthrough!

Nara gained confidence and learned to trust people, and she’s happy and healthy and loves to play! Her dog brother, Finn, taught her what it’s like to be a dog, and they do everything together. What a drastic change from where Nara’s life started! 🙂