Dog Found Cowering Under A Porch Takes On New Life By The End

Animal Aid stumbled upon an emaciated street dog suffering from severe mange. He was cowering under a porch trying to hide from the world. He had to have been in so much pain. Rescuers captured the poor boy to take him back to the facility to get much needed help.

The dog was covered in painful scabs and sores, and maggots had bored a deep hole in his back. Workers applied medicated powder to kill the maggots and treated the pup for infection and pain. The boy was also very dehydrated and needed IV fluids.

On day three, the sweet dog received his first medicated bath. The dog had been on the verge of death, starving, exhausted, and so sad. But that broken spirit was mended, and now he’s the biggest, cuddliest teddy bear. Meet Mr. Teddy Bear today! 🙂