Emaciated And Ill Dog Took To Traffic Without Direction In This World

A sick and emaciated dog was too scared to let anyone touch her, and she constantly hung out near the busy road not knowing any better. Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers showed up to bring the girl in for treatment, but they’d have to capture her first. A friendly neighbor assisted to keep her away from traffic.

This rescue would require a net for ultimate safety, so they did what they had to do. The poor girl was quickly taken back to the hospital where they’d get to work on her mange issue. She still didn’t trust anyone and wouldn’t even eat with anyone around. So they left her alone to get a full belly! 🙂

With lots of comfort, care, and medicated baths, the dog started to turn a corner. But she still hid in the corner if someone tried to pet her. For days, she was afraid of love. But underneath all that fear was a loving dog named Mousey, and just wait until you see her now!