Homeless Dog Warned Them To Leave Her Alone, But Rescuers Didn’t Listen

Hope For Paws showed up at a business to rescue a very nervous dog. They had to get to her before animal control did, or it would end very badly for the aggressive girl. Eldad and Loreta knew deep down there was a sweet dog just waiting to come out! 🙂

The homeless dog wanted nothing to do with anyone, and she made the rescue very difficult. She showed her teeth and wouldn’t let anyone close. Before they knew it, it was starting to get dark. Rescuers had no choice but to take their time, and it finally paid off! She was very hungry and the food distracted her as they placed several snares around her neck.

Maddy was put in a crate and loaded up to be taken back to the hospital. The dog was in heat, so they prepped to spay her laparoscopically. She would recover much faster and be able to get back to learning to trust humans.

Seeing Maddy wag her tail for the first time was really something! She would go on to a foster home after partaking in some training, and that’s where she awaits her loving forever home. Contact German Shepherd Safe Haven to apply if interested! 🙂