Kitten Sees Mom Getting Bottle Ready, Runs To Crib And Waits As A Baby Would

Most pet owners think of their furbabies as their children. We treat our pets with the same love and affection, and why wouldn’t we? We are responsible for them, and they deserve it. But sometimes we can see this mentality play out in ways we never imagined, and it redefines what “furbaby” actually means. 😀

In the video below, you’re about to see a kitten who acts just like a baby. This bab… err, kitten loves her bottle. And when she sees her owner getting one ready, the kitty runs to her crib and waits for it!

Just when you thought you’d seen it all!

After hopping into her little pink crib, this adorable kitten grabs her bottle from Mom with her two front paws before lying down and drinking it while holding on with all four paws. Too cute!