Obese Dog Set To Be Put Down Loses 100 Pounds, Gets A Job To Give Back

Kai weighed in at 173 pounds and was taken to the vet to be euthanized. But a woman named Pam couldn’t let that happen and decided to take on the challenge of getting the dog into shape. He needed to lose around 100 pounds, and it’d be a lot of work, but she was up to it!

Kai got hooked on healthy foods early on, but getting him to exercise would be a whole other story. It was so hard for him to move around even though you could tell deep down he wanted to run and play with the other dogs. But little by little, Pam would get him up and moving!

The day Kai weighed in at his target weight of 75 pounds was the proudest day of his mom’s life. But Kai wasn’t done impressing her! He went on to ace his therapy dog training and testing in order to give back to others in his second chance at life. 🙂