Only-Child Raccoon Gets A Puppy Sister, And They Become Best Friends

A raccoon had fallen out of a tree in Bethany’s yard, and she was crying out while covered in ants and bark. Her mother was nowhere to be found, so the kind woman took the raccoon in for the night to help her and named her June. But the next day, they found out June’s mom had been hit by a car and died.


The plan was to rehabilitate and release the raccoon baby, but the release part didn’t go so well. June came to love life in the house, particularly taking to the air conditioning! So Bethany’s family now had a raccoon pet.


Then one day, they decided to bring a dog named Waffles into their lives. The family was careful and even worried a bit about introducing the two animals, but Waffles broke free and ran right up to June! The two hit it off right away, and they are now inseparable best friends. 🙂

See more of their story in the video below:

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