Stray Hiding Her Eye From Rescuers Still Wags Her Tail When Approached

Animal Aid Unlimited received an emergency call about a street dog with a terrible eye problem. As rescuers approached the girl, she was able to wag her tail despite all of her pain and suffering. It turned out half of her face had been eaten away by maggots.

Not only did the stray have this deadly wound, she had a high fever and other signs of the canine distemper virus. They applied powder to be able to remove the maggots, but her prognosis did not look good.

The wound can be a bit hard to stomach at points, but the bright red tissue color was a great sign of it healing. By day 10, the wound had shrunk down to half its original size. The eye was too damaged to be saved, but wait until you see how wonderful Juliet looks now! 🙂