Little Boy Finds Dog Huddled In Dark Corner Unable To Stand

A young boy found an injured dog huddled up in a dark corner and knew to contact Animal Aid Unlimited. The rescuers arrived on scene to see the dog’s legs swollen and cut. He couldn’t even stand on his own. They prepared to get him back to the hospital immediately.

It turned out someone had tied some strings tightly around two of his legs, and they were so deeply embedded at this point he had to be sedated to get them removed. Rescuers weren’t sure if they’d be able to save his legs, but they were going to give it their best shot. They thoroughly flushed and cleaned the wounds and wrapped the legs with compression bandages to help reduce swelling.

When the good boy came to, he needed a little encouragement to start eating. On day two, the swelling had reduced drastically. This was a great sign. And after a week of bed rest, it was time for the dog’s first walk! 🙂

This poor boy couldn’t walk or even stand at first, and for weeks the deepest pain hurt him with every single step. Animal Aid was able to save his legs, and it’s thanks to that little boy for finding the dog and reaching out when he did. Take a look at how Jitu is doing today!