Stray Who Was Hit By A Car Kept Nursing Her Puppies Through The Pain

A stray named Jessie was hit by a car and had her spine broken. But like a great mother, she kept caring for and nursing her puppies through all the pain. But she needed her care. Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials was alerted to the dog, and they arrived to help out.

They cared for and provided love to this dog family, and Jessie eventually healed all up! She would go on to a loving forever home — a fitting place for such a brave mama. It’s what she deserved.

But now it’s her puppies’ turn! Mango, Litchi, Pawpaw, Kiwi, and Avo all need their forever homes, so if you’d like to adopt any of them, you can do so at the email address provided here. 🙂