Retired Teacher Known As The ‘Guardian Angel Of Strays’ Helps Homeless Thai Dogs

Every year for a whole month, a foreign man on a green bike shows up to the Lumpini Park area in Thailand with large bags of dog food and medicine to help care for the local strays. He may just look like a tourist to those who don’t know him, but those who do see him as the guardian angel of strays!

Patipat JanthongBangkok Post

Dominique Rousselle, a 63-year-old retired teacher, dedicates all of his free time to helping homeless dogs. Originally from Paris, he moved to Canada 25 years ago and has been making the trip to Thailand for nearly 10 years. Even when back home in Canada, he’s volunteering for the Toronto Humane Society!

Patipat JanthongBangkok Post

Mr. Rousselle not only feeds the dogs, but he gives medicines to treat parasites, worms, fleas and ticks, and infections. He has no professional training, but he learned by working with a woman from the Soi Dog Foundation in the past. He will even personally bring dogs to the veterinarian to get fixed, all of these costs coming out of his own pocket. And every once in a while, he will fly some dogs back home to Canada to adopt!

I’d say this good Samaritan has certainly earned that title of the “Guardian Angel of Strays.” 🙂

H/T – Bangkok Post