Unimpressed Husky Makes For Awkward Christmas Card Photo Shoot

It happens to the best of us. Christmas time comes around, and we try to get in the holiday spirit. But for one reason or another, it’s just not happening. Not at the moment, at least. But we push forward and play along anyway — and end up looking like the Husky below! 😀

Anuko the Husky is famous for his grumpy look that’s greatly exaggerated by the dark black mask around his face. But the look is deceiving. According to his owner, Jasmine, Anuko is actually a kind dog who shows great enthusiasm for fun things in life. He’s not a big cuddler, but the Husky follows Mom around everywhere. The dog even helped Jasmine out a lot with some mental health issues she was experiencing at the time she decided to bring him into her life.

Even though he isn’t actually grumpy, the Husky’s unimpressed looks have resulted in a hilariously awkward Christmas card photo shoot, and it’s too perfect. Take a look at the photos below — you won’t be able to help but laugh!

Aren’t these photos just great? Anuko the Husky is the best! 😀

h/t Bored Panda