Two Dozen Ducks Rescued From Pens See Water For The First Time

It’s not just dogs who can be victims of hoarding and neglection. Animals of all different types have been found kept in tiny cages and deprived of the things that make them who they are. Can you imagine ducks without water? Well that was the case with the ducks in the video below.

Two dozen ducks lived with a hoarder in pens their entire lives. They were rescued and able to experience life in a pond for the first time. The reason the rescuers hurried the ducks into the pond here instead of letting them find their own way was to get them acclimated while staff was still present. They would then be able to deal with and fix any issues that may have occurred on the spot.

Seeing these ducks take to water for the first time in their lives is really something. It’s crazy to think they’d gone so long without it. But look at them go now! 🙂