Kids Can Only Watch As Playful Dog Hogs The Slide All To Herself

Anabela Cohen was at the park with her son near their home in Argentina when they saw a dog hogging the slide all to herself! It was quite the scene, and the kids were gathered around watching with joy and not at all minding the fact that it was hard to take a turn for themselves. The dog would go up and down over and over again!

Her son even stopped his play session to watch the energetic dog. Anabela soon learned that the dog’s name is Berta, and this wasn’t the first time the dog had taken to a slide for some fun! It turns out Berta had learned to slide by watching her school-aged owner, and now she does it whenever she can. 🙂

If the weather is nice, chances are you can expect to see Berta at the park repeatedly using the slide with a crowd gathered around watching in awe!