Proud Dog Standing In The Road With Frozen Thanksgiving Turkey Prompts Photo Op

Jenny Jones and friend Kathy Wyrick were driving around the Round Mountain area in Conway, Arkansas, when the strangest sight made them stop the vehicle. It was a dog standing proudly in the middle of the road next to a raw, frozen Thanksgiving turkey!

They couldn’t help but laugh at this odd scenario, and Jenny snapped a picture. Kathy later uploaded the pic to Facebook where it went viral!

“Anyone missing their frozen turkey? If so, this Conway dog proudly had it in the Round Mtn. area,” Kathy said as a caption to the photo.

Kathy Wyrick/Facebook

“He had stopped in the road and was proudly displaying his find,” Kathy said. “He picked it up and moved on after the photo was taken.”

The dog appeared to be wearing a collar, so hopefully he eventually made his way back home. As for the frozen turkey, maybe only this pooch will ever know where it came from! 😀