Girl Thought Shelter Dog She’d Been Caring For Was Adopted, Sees Him Outside

Hallee had been asking for a dog for Christmas for years, and her parents told her she should wait until after she graduates from college. She then started volunteering at the Humane Society of Stillwater where she fell in love with a dog named Rambo.

She visited Rambo often and helped care for him, and she hoped to adopt him one day. With the help of the Humane Society, her parents secretly adopted Rambo to surprise her. When Hallee found out Rambo had been adopted, she was heartbroken — but she didn’t know who adopted him. 😉

For an early Christmas present, the parents brought Rambo to the front door and started recording. When their daughter looked outside, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her reaction says it all. What an amazing thing her family did for her!