Dog Is Left Home Alone, Becomes The Most Popular Pup On The Block

Dad sees that he’s all out of milk, so he’s off to the store to get some more. He tells his dog that he’ll be right back and calls him a good boy. But what Dad doesn’t realize is that his pooch is capable of throwing a party! 😉

The dog’s had enough of being left home alone and finally reaches his breaking point. After trying to play cards by himself and becoming bored, the pup logs onto Dog Face and starts sending out the invites! Before he knows it, all of his friends are at the door and he’s now the most popular dog on the block.

Just before Dad comes back home, the dogs rally to clean everything up and hide all evidence of a party. But just when it looks as if the dog’s going to get away with it… oh no! 😀

This video is brought to you courtesy of Pup Aid.

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