Small Dog’s Being Carried Off By A Coyote When Neighbor’s Heroic Dog Comes Running

The footage below was captured by a security camera (DriveWay) on the property, and the horrifying moment quickly turned into one of bravery and heroism. In an area not known for having coyotes, the little dog’s owner went into the house for just a few minutes to use the restroom when it all happened.

The coyote comes running in from the right side of the screen and grabs the little dog trying to run off with it. Thankfully, Trixxie’s on a leash. This allows time for the neighbor’s Rottweiler to realize what’s going on and come to the rescue. The heroic dog chases the coyote away saving the tiny dog’s life. Trixxie didn’t suffer any serious injuries, and the coyote hasn’t been back. But the family will take extra precautions in the future just to be sure.