Dog Gets His Revenge After Having To Spend A Week In A ‘Cone Of Shame’

As pet owners, we’re all pretty familiar with the “cone of shame.” And our dogs especially know them all too well! After an operation, they’re placed around a dog’s neck to keep them from agitating a spot that needs time to heal. The problem is, our pets don’t understand this and only see the negative side. So it’s safe to say they garner some resentment toward the cone!

As for the pooch in the video below, he was able to get his sweet revenge on his cone of shame! After his neutering procedure, the good boy had to deal with the cone for quite some time. He spent over a week trapped in this thing, so now it was time for some payback. 😉

The owner had the cone sitting on the picnic table, so the wind either blew it off or the dog got up there to get it himself. But either way, there was a score to be settled! Watch as the dog takes out his frustrations on the inanimate object. 😀