Paralyzed Dog Found Amongst The Trash With His Back Legs Tied Together

Animal Aid Unlimited came across a stray dog with an injured spine sitting amongst a bunch of trash. For some reason, someone had tied his back legs together. Rescuers worked to get the paralyzed pup back to their hospital right away to see what they could do for him.

They couldn’t see any wounds, but his entire body was rigid with pain. He did have sensation in all of his legs, which was a very good sign. The boy seemed so content while eating that they named him Comfy. But they may have named him that too soon…

The dog needed weeks of physiotherapy to recover, but he started to bark and growl. Comfy didn’t want to be touched, but patience would be the key. They started soft and slow, and soon the dog loved his therapy sessions! And after five months, Comfy stood and walked on his own. See him today! 🙂