Woman Taken Aback When She Spots A Colorful Moth And Friend Outside

Rebecca Lavoie took to Twitter after spotting the most beautiful and most colorful moth right outside of her own home. She didn’t know such a thing existed, and she couldn’t believe her eyes! She snapped a photo of the fluffy, yellow and pink cartoon-like insect for all to see.

“This moth exists in nature and it’s ON MY DECK”

Twitter/Rebecca Lavoie

The rosy maple moth is native to North America between southern Canada all the way down to Florida and as far west as Texas and can be seen during the spring. They tend to take to maple trees but can also be found on oak trees.

You may consider yourself lucky to see one in person, but later on that day, Rebecca got to see yet another!

“Update: Now there are TWO of them!”

Twitter/Rebecca Lavoie

She updated with a post to Twitter stating that the moth had brought a friend over, and they really seemed to enjoy hanging out on her deck! While most people aren’t too fond of insects, this one sure is a sight to behold.