Rescuer Works To Free Neglected Dog As Neighbor Chants ‘Break The Chain’

An abandoned and starving dog was in need of rescue, and it was Stray Rescue of St. Louis who stepped in to help. Donna arrived on scene ready to give the neglected dog the freedom he deserved and worked to cut the heavy links as a neighbor chanted, “Break the chain!”

Cobalt is just happy to see someone as he uses the little energy he has left to wag that tail. He gobbles up the treats he’s given and cooperates as Donna slides a new, proper lead around his neck. He’s almost out of there for good.

When she gets him back to the vehicle, Cobalt is so hungry that he rips open the bag of dog food they have laying in the back. So sad, but also great to see him get what he deserves. We hope to learn of Cobalt’s next chapter in life in which he goes on to a loving forever home!