Rescuers Show Up To Save Abandoned Pit Bull, Hear A Fishy Story About Her Past

Hope For Paws received a call about an abandoned pit bull and were told that she was lactating. But upon arrival, they could see right away that she was not. And this was just the first odd thing about the overall weird rescue.

Rescuers called her over, and the dog came running. She was the sweetest pup! She took the treats they offered and flipped over onto her back for some belly pats. They named her Cinnamon and started loading her into the vehicle, and that’s when they came across the dog’s former owner.

The woman said she originally owned the dog but had to get rid of her because her kids were playful and would knock her down. She gave Cinnamon to a neighbor who she seemed surprised to learn had moved away and left the dog to fend for herself. She was okay with Hope For Paws taking the dog and didn’t ask for any information.

But Cinnamon was very happy and ready to start her new life! The pit bull continued on to Bark N’ Bitches after receiving medical care and getting cleaned up. There she’s waiting for her forever home. 🙂

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