Dog Found On Mountain Reunited With Owners Thanks To Heroic Stranger

There can’t be too many feelings in this world worse than when a pet goes missing. Your mind starts to race wondering if they’re okay and if they will ever find their way back home. At times you can feel completely helpless, but you never quite give up hope. But the longer the search goes on, the harder it is to deal with.

Thankfully, these situations seem to bring out the best in humanity. Friends, families, and communities often rally around the owners to help find these lost pets. A complete stranger can end up being the hero of the day when all said and done. And that’s exactly what happened in the story below.

Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel were on a mountain hike in Colorado when their dog, Chloe, ran away. They looked everywhere for her but started to get really nervous when she didn’t turn up. They posted a message on Facebook saying that it’s not like the chocolate Lab mix to not come home at night. Total strangers Sean Nicols and Trinity Smith saw the post and went searching.

They hiked up the mountain calling for Chloe when all of a sudden her little head popped up. It had been six weeks since the dog had gone missing, but there she was. Chloe was starving and emaciated but most importantly alive. It wasn’t until after the rescue that the couples learned they live just three houses from each other. How amazing is that? What a great ending to this scary situation. 🙂