Dog Sees Himself On The News, Nearly Jumps Through The TV

Angela Lally Labat recorded a video of her dog, Bronn, making her baby boy, Liam, laugh uncontrollably with his doggy shenanigans. The video was so good, it went on to be viewed tens of thousands of times! And then it made it onto the local news. 😀

When the broadcast aired, Bronn happened to be near the TV. And when the silly dog saw himself on the television, he went wild! Of course, Angela had to record this too. The silly boy was now a star, and he couldn’t believe it! 😀

Now his reaction video is going viral with tens of thousands of views so far. I guess when you’re as entertaining as Bronn, the attention will follow you everywhere! His 15 minutes of fame have turned into 30, but don’t worry, no matter how famous Bronn gets, he’ll always be Liam’s best buddy first and foremost. 🙂