Pittie Found In A Wire Crate At The Bottom Of A Dumpster Among The Trash

An adopter from the Wichita Animal Action League was taking out the trash when she heard something in the dumpster. And inside, she saw a pittie locked inside a wire crate. As soon as the dog was pulled from the garbage, he dropped his head and climbed into her lap.

Bowie would spend the next week in the hospital with around-the-clock care before being transferred to their medical fosters. The dog was there for about two months to recover, and he put on some good weight. They were a bit reluctant to give the sweet boy up, but when they took him to meet his future parents, Connie and Matt, it was perfect!

His new mom and dad got him up to speed on walks over the first couple of weeks, and it wasn’t long until Bowie was doing zoomies around the backyard! He’s so loving and energetic, and he now has that forever home. For a dog who once held his head low, he now stands so tall and proud! 🙂