She Was Left Behind Covered In Oil At An Auto Shop After The Owner Moved Out

Hope For Paws set out to rescue a dog they learned was left behind at an auto shop when the owner moved out eight months prior. The dog took refuge under a camper on the property since the concrete was so hot. She seemed very friendly and came out for food wagging that little tail!

Rescuers allowed her to retreat back under the camper in the shade to avoid her paws being burned. Despite her friendly and playful attitude, the poor dog froze in fear once they got the gentle snare around her neck. She just didn’t know what was going on. But they got her out and loaded up into the car after a few moments of stress. It would soon be worth it all!

They got Blue Bayou over to CARES for a much needed bath and medical attention, and they had to coax her out of the crate. She was covered in motor oil. But after a nice bath, the dog was as good as new and headed on to a foster to await that loving forever home! 🙂