She Throws Disabled Dog Out Of Car Onto His Face, He Looks On As She Drives Off

A woman in Brazil was caught on security footage dumping her disabled dog and driving away. She was seen stepping out of her car with two dogs, one of the being Tintin, a dog without front legs. She violently pushes him down and allows the other dog back in the vehicle and speeds away. The poor dog is left confused and can only look on as the person he trusted most in the world drives off without him.

A neighbor later found the dog and returned him to the woman only for her to go abandon him once again. This time, thankfully, Tintin was found and taken in by local animal protection services.

Many want this woman brought to justice and feel she shouldn’t be allowed to own any pets. We hope by spreading the word that she is caught and given the punishment she deserves.

Note: the disturbing footage below may be hard for some people to watch.