Woman Pulls Over And Approaches Wet Pet House, And A Cute Face Peeks Out

Animal rescuer Judy Obregon headed over to a popular dumping ground and saw what looked like just a pet house disposed of in the rain. But she approached it anyway just to make sure, and a cute little face peeked out. There was a tiny mange-ridden dog inside.

How could someone abandon a dog here like this? The pet bed was soaked, and they must’ve thought leaving her with a blanket made it okay. Judy carefully carried the dog to her car and then proceeded on to the vet.

She named the 10-month-old puppy Jila, and the pup was placed with a medical foster. As she continued to heal and receive medicated baths, she’d learn the ropes of living like a normal dog. And it wasn’t long before Jila found the perfect family to spend the rest of her life with! 🙂